1995 Zellers – “After Hours”

Straight off The Red Grill, Saint John’s 1995 Zellers has a fresh album of saturated party jams to lead you into the hazy nights of summer.

How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard you before?
Think of an abandoned mall in a Blade Runner setting.. That’s what 1995 zellers is. Really though it’s just dumb vintage house music at the core.

What gear/software/techniques did you use in making this recording?
My music is mostly sample based, so I like to sample vintage funk records by connecting my turntable to a soundcard with an RCA adapter, recording whatever the song I’m sampling is in audacity, and then once I get the WAV file I start work on the actual track in FL Studio, which usually starts with a 4/4 kick drum and Slicex to chop up the actual sample. I usually sidechain the kick to the sample and put reverb on the actual sample in addition to a few other effects, the most difficult part of working with samples is actually cutting it up and making it sound like a coherent song. Honestly the most important part of this project is just about the vibe, the simplicity of the material works in its favour.

What mood or mental state do you hope to evoke in the listener with this music?
I just want people to dance




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