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Party Sauce Radio – Feb. 14, 2018

What’s up space cadets! This week’s radio show will be co-hosted by Karen, an orbiting artificial intelligence DJ from the year 2048. Enjoy!

Download here >> https://partysauce.lol/mp3/PartySauce-2018Feb14.mp3

Blank Banshee – “Frozen Flame”
Sages – “Waning Moon”
Allumette – “Petit Parasite”
Dye Pack – “Make A Mess”
Doot Dedoot – “Road Rage”
Paranerd – “Froz”
Midnight Star – “Scientific Love”
Austra – “I Love You More”
Pick A Piper – “Geographically Opposed”
Pylon – “M Train”
Whaleskin – “Your Lovin'”
Poolside – “Summer Friends”
Gold Punks – “Crystal Doorknob”

Party Sauce Radio – Jan. 17, 2018

Hello space cadets! Here’s today’s edition of Party Sauce Radio. The show airs every Wednesday at 3PM/Saturday at 8PM on 107.3 Local FM in Saint John, NB… and streams across the universe at http://localfm.ca.

Download link: https://partysauce.lol/mp3/PartySauce-2018Jan17.mp3

Poolside – “Tropical Heartache”
Doot De Doot – “Road Rage”
Ghost Twin – “Saturn Swallows The Sun”
Discandy – “Thigh Highs”
Die Perlen – “Morgen”
Modern Blossoms – “Means To An End”
Sarah Denim – “Finding Out”
Russell Louder – “Another Day”
DenMother – “You”
DenMother – “Cats”
Nu:Logic – “Sun Goes Down”
Rich Aucoin – “Release”

Party Sauce Radio – Nov. 29. 2017

Howdy. Here’s Party Sauce Radio for Nov. 29, 2017. You can tune in every Wednesday at 3pm/Saturday at 8pm Atlantic on Local FM 107.3 in Saint John, NB and stream everywhere at http://localfm.ca. Once again, this week’s show features a special guest vinyl DJ mix from Saint John’s own DJ Jack Buster, aka Doot Dedoot.

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://partysauce.lol/mp3/PartySauce-2017Nov29.mp3

The Rapture – “House Of Jealous Lovers”
A. A. Wallace – “Harlequin”
Poolside – “Feel ALright”
Rabies – “What A Shame”
Doot Dedoot – “Road Rage”
~~~Doot Dedoot vinyl DJ Mix:
Johnjon – “Meanwhile”
Silicone Soul – “Call Of The Wild”
Wago Cookin’ – “Mallorca (Sasse remix)”
F.U.S.E. – “Mantrax”
Superslut – “Balerias”
Pet Shop Boys – “Discoteca (Baby Doc remix)”
F.U.S.E. – “Dimension Intrusion”

Party Sauce Radio – June 7, 2017

Here’s this week’s episode of Party Sauce Radio! Coming to you live every Wednesday at 3pm Atlantic on 107.3FM Local FM in Saint John and streaming everywhere at http://localfm.ca.

~ Download link: https://partysauce.lol/mp3/PartySauce-2017June7.mp3

Wire – “Perspex Icon”
Rabies – “Friends”
Russell Louder – “Another Day”
Denmother – “Bottomless”
Shrimp Ring – “Activate Your Function”
The Trick – “Fearsome Places”
Poolside – “Next To You”
The Juan Maclean – “Running Back To You”
Pointer Sisters – “Dare Me (Slomo edit)”
Holy Ghost! – “Hold My Breath”
Daniel Wang – “Let’s Go To Mars”