Party Sauce Radio – Feb. 21, 2018

What’s up space cadets! Here’s the latest episode of Party Sauce Radio, hosted by an orbiting artificial intelligence DJ from the year 2048. Enjoy!

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The Trick – “You Find It In Others”
Paranerd – “Voso”
The Retro Mutants – “Sandra”
Ultrasuede – “Relapse”
Le Couleur – “Underage (In Flagranti remix)”
Math Class – “Shatterbrained”
Gold Punks – “Stupid Spaceman”
Hieroglyphic Being – “The Mystery Of Prometheus”
I-F – “I Do Because I Couldn’t Care Less”
Doot Dedoot – “Esprit (Jaguar Knight remix)”
Tensnake – “Coma Cat”

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