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Party Sauce Radio – Feb. 7, 2018

What’s up space cadets! From now on my radio show will be co-hosted by orbiting artificial intelligence DJs from the year 2048. Enjoy!

Download link ~~ https://partysauce.lol/mp3/PartySauce-2018Feb7.mp3

Fever Ray – “To The Moon And Back”
Tronik Youth – “Mortals Sleep”
1995 Zellers – “Paradise”
Bl00dwave – “Human”
Hot Chip – “And I Was A Boy From School”
New Order – “Everything’s Gone Green”
Daphni – “Tin”
DenMother – “Cats”
Doot Dedoot – “On The Run”
Gold Punks – “RDIO”
Jaguar Knight – “Smoky Eye”
Robert T. – “Navigator”

Party Sauce Radio – March 29, 2017

Here’s the latest episode of Party Sauce Radio! Coming to you live every Wednesday at 3pm Atlantic on 107.3FM Local FM in Saint John and streaming everywhere at http://localfm.ca.

~ Download link: https://partysauce.lol/mp3/PartySauce-2017Mar29.mp3

Tronik Youth – “Spy Vs. Spy”
Elephant Skeletons – “Calm The Cloud”
Russell Louder – “Another Day”
Tone Of Arc – “Left Field”
Jacques Greene – “To Say”
Pelada – “No Hay”
The Fitness – “Gianni V”
MAN2.0 – “Trinity Squared”
Exposé – “Dub Of No Return Strikes Again”
Midnight Star – “Scientific Love”
Robert T. Wilson – “Nonagon”