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Party Sauce Radio – Mar. 7, 2018

Hello space cadets! Here’s the latest episode of Party Sauce, hosted by Veena, an artificial intelligence robot DJ orbiting the ruined planet Earth on a satellite in the year 2048.

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://partysauce.lol/mp3/PartySauce-2018Mar7.mp3

Daniel Wang – “Let’s Go To Mars”
Russell Louder – “Another Day”
Coco Barracuda – “XVIII”
Elephant Skeletons – “Calm The Cloud”
TAAPE – “Goodbye Gravity”
Boy Harsher – “Last Days”
Joy Division – “Disorder”
Spoutnique – “My Blue Sky Turns Teal”
Caribou – “Your Love Will Set You Free”
Morgan Geist – “Palace Life”
Mew – “In A Better Place”

Party Sauce Radio – Sept. 13, 2017

Here’s this week’s episode of Party Sauce Radio! Coming to you live every Wednesday at 3pm Atlantic on 107.3FM Local FM in Saint John and streaming everywhere at  http://localfm.ca.

Download: https://partysauce.lol/mp3/PartySauce-2017Sep13.mp3

Paranerd – “Droid Shop”
Adult. – “Human Wreck”
Morgan Geist – “Darkstar”
Scott Da Ros – “Scotch & Concrete”
Pick A Piper – “Nikko”
Goose – “Bring It On”
Midnight Star – “No Parking On The Dance Floor”
The Modernist – “Love Making European Moderns”
Paranerd – “Silktrops”
Le Tigre – “Deceptacon (DFA remix)”
Tiger & Woods – “Endless Affair”