Party Sauce Awards WINNERS



Big year for Lazermortis WINNER of Album of the Year for “Autonetic Afterlife” and was also voted Producer of the Year 🙌 No surprise if you’re familiar with the clarity and precision of Lazer’s work. Really inspiring 💫👾

Video of the Year – Bing bong 🔔 Denmother rang the doorbell and ran away with the Best Video award for the Frantic Ram project

Best New Artist – Eli Nothing

Best Live Act – Gold Punks

Fan Favourite – Dumpster Cub

Experimental Artist Of The Year – Stellaleona of the wonderful Moondrip Collective

Most fun to dance to – 🍤💍

Saint John Goth Night Award for artist who is the most dead inside – Doot Dedoot [no tag because “I’m too old for Instagram”]

Ringleader Award for getting the party started on the dancefloor – Reese and Julia!

Miss Congeniality 2022 – Meatloaf (the food)





Holy molar here we go with the 2021 Party Sauce Award Winners congratttts to all

  • Best Experimental Artist – Artifiseer
  • Best New Artist – Lazermortis
  • Best Twitch Stream – Circuit Witch
  • DJ Of The Year – Dandi
  • Best Video – Denmother, Denmother (tie)
  • Album Of The Year – Dumpster Cub
  • Lifetime Achievement – Gary Flanagan
  • Song Of The Year – Gold Punks
  • Best Live Band – Human Brains
  • Fan Favourite – Maztradamus
  • Yayyyyyyyyy



2019 PArty SAucE AWARBS WinnnERRssss

  • Lifetime Achievement – Adam Kierstead
  • Sexiest Electronic Music – Bleum
  • Best Artist to Sway To – Denmother
  • Best New Artist – Dumpster Cub
  • Go-Getters Of The Year – Fishstixx
  • Song Of The Year – Fishstixx, “Visa”
  • Coolest Audience Member (tie) – Gabrielle Dow, Rachael Abrams
  • Most Punk Rock Electronic Act – Gold Punks
  • DJ Of The Year – Jack Buster
  • Album Of The Year – Jaguar Knight, “Rock Your Boxes”
  • Vocalist of The Year – Jennifer Megeney, Cursing & Swearing
  • Best Live Band – Shrimp Ring
  • Best Crimefighting Duo – Sweetgoose 64
  • Best Band With A Guitar In It – Young Satan In Love
  • The Award For Best Awards – Party Sauce Awards


So pleased and excited to announce the winners of the 2018 Party Sauce Awards!!1! ??????

– Producer Of The Year: Paranerd
– Album Of The Year: DenMother – “Now It All Comes”
– Favourite Live Band: Shrimp Ring
– Best New Artist: Juniper Magpie
– Vocalist Of The Year: Russell Louder
– Song Of The Year: Coco Barracuda – “XVIII”
– DJ Of The Year: DJ Jack Buster
– Video Of The Year – Shrimp Ring, “Human Brain Freezer” [I voted for “Homeless” but thanks guys}
– Note Of The Year, for single best note of music: Ophelya
– Best Music Podcast: The Pulp by Grid City Magazine
– Best Music Venue: Taco Pica Restaurant
– Best Band with Guitar In It: Math Class / Little You Little Me [tie]
– Breakcore Artist Of The Year: Wangled Teb
– Mover and Shaker Award, aka MVP Of The Year: Abigail Smith
– Best Local FM Station: Local FM Local 107.3fm
– Audience of the Year: Alisha Harrity
– Miss Congeniality Award: Adam Kierstead
– Miss Congeniality Second Princess: Mike Nason

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees. Special thanks to everyone who voted and came out to our raucous awards gala dance party and helped celebrate the most LEGITIMATE awards in the universe ??

PS. Coco Barracuda couldn’t make it to the ceremony but she sent us this acceptance video. Please stop what what you’re doing for a minute and watch this


Voting is now open for the Party Sauce awards 2018!

Giving out awards for music is kind of silly. Everyone knows this. There’s nothing stopping any random person from just giving out a bunch of “awards” to themselves and their friends. Everyone knows this too.

So here we go with the Fourth Annual Party Sauce Awards. AKA the Lollies!

Vote here until midnight, Friday March 16:

We’ll be having a big party at Taco Pica to announce the winners on Saturday, March 17.

Facebook Sauce:


Party Sauce Awards 2017

Pleased to announce THE WINNERS of the 2017 Party Sauce Awards!

– Best place in Saint John to buy records : Backstreet Records (Saint John location)
– Best music website: Grid City Magazine
– Producer of the year: Nick Fowler, aka FWLR
– Best live electronic act: ELEPHANT SKELETONS
– Album of the Year: DenMother for “Blood: A Memoir”
– DJ of the year: DJ Jack Buster
– Fan Favourite Award: Shrimp Ring
– Sound Technician of the Year: Jef McLean
– Media Personality of the Year: Mike Dok Rogers
– Best new artist: Robert T Wilson
– Best old-as-shit artist: Robert T Wilson
– Scene Dad: Adam Kierstead
– Scene Mom: Vanessa from Dye Pack
– Best dancers: Mike Powerslide and Julie Bauer
– Most extreme dude: Patrick Graves
– Mover and Shaker Award: Marc Bones Leblanc
– Sandra Bullock Memorial “Miss Congeniality” Award: Jennifer Megeney aka alien she
– Dopest and most LEGITIMATE music awards award: Party Sauce Awards 2017!

Thanks and congratulations to everyone involved!

Giving out awards for music is kind of silly. Everyone knows this. There’s nothing stopping any random person from just giving out a bunch of “awards” to themselves and their friends. Everyone knows this too.

So here we go with the Third Annual Party Sauce Awards. AKA the Lollies!

You can vote on your favourite New Brunswick electronic musicians and so on. Here’s the form. Make a difference in the world! Vote!

The awards gala takes place at Peppers Pub in Saint John on Saturday, March 18. It will feature live performances by Shrimp Ring, DenMother and DJ Jack Buster and is sure to be a wild time.