Party Sauce Radio – Feb. 28, 2018

Hi space cadets! Here’s the latest episode of Party Sauce Radio, hosted by Amélie, an orbiting artificial intelligence DJ from the year 2048.


Nightwave – “Sanctuary”
Paranerd – “Spatplat”
Allumette – “Petit Parasite”
Cengiz – “On, On, On,”
EVM128 – “Gamma Riddim”
Double Echo – “Autumn Months”
Prison – “Plague”
Kwake Bass – “Marble Ruin”
Robert Hood – “Transform”
Spoutnique – “My Blue Sky Turns Teal”
Jaguar Knight – “I Call Shotgun”
Shrimp Ring – “Babies On The Moon”
Wasko – “Tindu”

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