The Juvenile of the Species

dance party

I love DJing for little kids.  When I say little, I mean single digits, ages 4 thru 9.  It’s a magical age.  Everything is new to them.  Because everything is new, they have no preconceptions of acceptability. Consequently, they react with absolute honesty and enthusiasm to whatever records you play.  I played at my son’s elementary school dances right up until he left for middle school last year, and I enjoyed every single event.  It didn’t matter what you played; as long as it had a funky beat, they were getting down to it.  They don’t care about getting sweaty or how they look when they dance; they just feel the music and marvel at the lights.

It’s the perfect palette cleanser after playing for teens or twenty-somethings.  They’re the kind who are at the DJ booth firing requests at you every five minutes, or complaining that you’re not playing anything “good”.  After your set is over, you’ll leave the party feeling like you let everybody down because of the complaints of the minority. Playing records for teens/twenties can be hard on your self-esteem.  DJing for kids, though, is all boom and no bust.

So, the next time you’re heading out to party, leave your teenaged self at home and unleash your inner 5-year-old.  Everyone will be happy that you did.

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