Party Sauce feat. A.A. Wallace – July 13, 2016

This week’s radio show featured a guest DJ mix from A.A. Wallace. Lots of rare vinyl and bonus beats!

Alexandre Aaron Mr. Wallace I describes this mix as “Summertime Sunday afternoon playing Gradius on the famicom in a dark warm room on a 14 inch tube TV while wearing cutoffs and eating our compliments salt and vinegar chips.”

> Download link:

(Intro) A.A.Wallace – Harlequin

Pebbles – Girlfriend (bonus beats) ft. tron
Sly & robbie – beats and pieces
Minimax – Minimax Boogie
Split Enz – I got you
Berlin – The Metro
Spoons – Nova heart (12’ Mix)
Industry – Turning to light
Sloan – Rhodes Jam Pt1
Glenn Branca – Lesson #1
Gino Soccio – There’s a Woman
Todd Terje – Snooze 4 Love (version)

(Outro) A.A.Wallace – Secret Name


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