Party Sauce Radio – Jan. 3, 2017

Hello space cadets! Here’s today’s edition of Party Sauce Radio. The show airs every Wednesday at 3PM/Saturday at 8PM on 107.3 Local FM in Saint John, NB… and streams across the universe at


The Trick – “Inaugurate Me”
Elephant Skeletons – “Calm The Cloud”
Doot Dedoot – “Road Rage”
Sarah Denim – “Lights On”
Russell Louder – “Another Day”
DenMother – “Bottomless”
1995 Zellers – “After Hours”
A.A. Wallace – “Harlequin”
Allumette – “After Hours”
Coco Barracuda – “XVIII”
Shrimp Ring – “Countdown To Oblivion”

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