Elephant Skeletons recently won “Best Live Electronic Act” at the Party Sauce Awards. This past Saturday at Peppers Pub in Saint John he showed us why, with a non-stop 80-minute set that had people dancing from start to finish.

Here’s a little Q&A about the latest Elephant Skeletons album, “The Traveller.”

How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard you before?
Alternative Electronic music with Sax and Vocoder charged with mysterious and exotic sounds or simply …. dance music for fellow weirdos lol

What gear/software/techniques did you use in making this recording?
Everything was recorded and created in Ableton. Various instruments from my collection were used on this album including the Vocoder, Alto Sax, Electric Sitar, Accordiola, Jaw Harp, Theremin, Guitar, Clarinet, Acoustic Drums, Roto toms, “toy” keyboards and Metal Bowls. I don’t really have a written in stone process or technique for composing Elephant Skeletons songs, sometimes it will start with and a beat or a riff and then next thing I know hours have gone by and a song has emerged from jamming on the ideas.

What mood or mental state do you hope to evoke in the listener with this music?
The album has a reoccurring theme of a few different forms of travel and I would hope that when somebody listens to the album that they can come along on that journey and feel the excitement and wonder that Travelling to new places can evoke.

Check out the new album on bandcamp, including limited-edition vinyl:



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