“Surf Music”

Did you ever see a band setting up and you just knew you were instantly going to like them? That’s how I felt about Tough Age when I saw them at the Halifax Pop Explosion a few years ago. This high energy group from Vancouver/Toronto pulled me in instantly. The funnest thing I remember from the show was the bass player Lauren Smith. I was convinced she was the long lost-sister of the Ramones. Head down, dark hair in her face, jumping up and down, banging on her bass.

It didn’t hurt that they were on Mint Records. A label who I owned every release from when I was 14-15. A label who received all the money I had allotted for the whole weekend during a 10 minute shopping spree. Among other things I purchased every Tough Age album they had because if there is one thing I like it is surfy garage punk music.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better they put out this EP about a week ago. It includes a song called Scald that is heavy on the synths thanks to Jay Arner.

Bonus: They always have neat album artwork.

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