The Lonely Parade and why you should listen to them

Do you like good music? Of course you do! Why else would you be reading a story with the head line that is giving you reasons to listen to some one?

Today I bring to you The Lonely Parade hailing from the semi lovely Peterborough Ontario. The have everything I love in music, killer bass lines, fuzzy guitar, solid writing, the ability to make my head bob and talent. Buckets and buckets of talent. Add in a solid bonus of a fun music video with a real heavy 90s feel to it right down to the Indifferent facial expressions, bowling ally, abandon spaces and sped up camera shots.

The two tracks I want to draw your attention to are conveniently located at the first two spots on their latest album “No Shade”. This Album has lived in my cars cd player almost exclusively since first getting it in September when they played Saint john.

The first Track on the album/I want to talk about/has that bitchen music video is “Window”. I could go into great detail about what I like about this track, but I would encourage you to just check out and let that bass get your head bobbing and the video feed your 90s nostalgia fix.


The second is “Bro”. I need say no more about this song other then if you live in a bit of a crappy little city or town like Saint John you will know exactly what this song is putting down.


So Check Them out, buy their album, see their shows and give them your support both on and off line. For those few of you too lazy I will even make it easy and post all the important links where you can discover more about this Killer Trio.


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  1. alien she says:

    Good choice! I play Bro on my radio show often. I was lucky to see them play Sappyfest a couple years ago. I had no where to lay my head all weekend but it was well worth the sleep deprivation.

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