Denmother – “Now It All Comes”

DenMother from Fredericton makes the best winter music. One year ago I spent the whole month of January in a shack in the woods using her bandcamp as a sonic duvet. Her brand-new release is entitled “Now It All Comes” and it’s the follow up to “Blood: A Memoir” which won Album Of The Year at the 2017 Party Sauce Awards.

DenMother’s sound seems to be getting more stripped down over the last few releases. These songs are soundscapes of synths and reverb washing over a landscape of raw emotion. And yet I find the vocals a little more up-front and less abstract than previous releases, placing all the feelings in plain view.

See DenMother live in Fredericton this month:
Sat. Jan. 13 at Reads with Wangled Teb, Gold Punks
Fri. Jan. 26 at The Capital Complex with Little You Little Me, Shrimp Ring

How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard you before? 

Um. Maybe music you can either fight, float or fuck to. You can’t say fuck on a blog though, right? But that’s how I feel about it. It’s like that passionate feeling in your gut that you just need to express, whether it’s anger or lust, but you’re too stoned to get off the floor so you are just screaming and crying. I don’t get stoned anymore though. Maybe I got off topic…

What gear/software/techniques did you use in making this recording?
Garageband and my laptop. And a notebook full of scattered memories and thoughts.

What mood or mental state do you hope to evoke in the listener with this music?
I don’t really hope to evoke anything specific, but I guess maybe pain. Not that I want people to be reminded of painful moments, but I wanted anyone listening to hear the pain that I was feeling. And remorse. And also gratitude. There are a lot years of shit in those 4 little tracks.

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