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I Don’t Remember Anything About My Life…

Music that gives us another piece of the story with each release.  If you haven’t been introduced to the mystery man known as Pylot I suggest you get acquainted.  Who are they?  Where are they from?  Not even they know.  All we know is that they are on the label MonsterCat from Vancouver, BC.

If you are into Dystopian 80’s movies and their soundtracks you’ll probably love this.  I recommend starting with “EntryOne” and going through each piece of the story here:

The latest release “Shadowtask” goes with Entry Six.  It’s a full EP this time.  Does this mean we are getting closer to the end? To the truth?


“Surf Music”

Did you ever see a band setting up and you just knew you were instantly going to like them? That’s how I felt about Tough Age when I saw them at the Halifax Pop Explosion a few years ago. This high energy group from Vancouver/Toronto pulled me in instantly. The funnest thing I remember from the show was the bass player Lauren Smith. I was convinced she was the long lost-sister of the Ramones. Head down, dark hair in her face, jumping up and down, banging on her bass.

It didn’t hurt that they were on Mint Records. A label who I owned every release from when I was 14-15. A label who received all the money I had allotted for the whole weekend during a 10 minute shopping spree. Among other things I purchased every Tough Age album they had because if there is one thing I like it is surfy garage punk music.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better they put out this EP about a week ago. It includes a song called Scald that is heavy on the synths thanks to Jay Arner.

Bonus: They always have neat album artwork.

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I Only See Darkness

I’ve been spending my night with this album by Austra from Toronto, ON. There are so many musical elements in here that I normally despise, especially the vocals, but for some reason I’m loving it. The first time I listened to it I just skipped through the songs and moved on to something else. Then I found those other things dissatisfying compared and ended up coming back to it. I’ve listened to it on repeat for the last four hours. Maybe my tastes are changing, maybe I needed a positive outlook on the future, or maybe it is just that good.

I can picture a place where everybody feels it too
It might be fiction but I see it ahead

Current Favorite Tracks: Future Politics, Utopia, I Love You More Than You Love Yourself, Freepower, Gaia

The Best of Both Worlds

Punky and Electronic.

The opposite of garbage = Sassy, noisy, and french.

If this album had a mouth I would kiss it … with tongue.