Party Sauce Radio – Feb. 15, 2017

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Cellarghost – “Mothic”
Snuky Tate – “He’s The Groove”
Starla – “Bad News”
Loveland – “925-5212”
Lime – “Love Profile”
Adult. – “Lost Love”
Cabaret Voltaire – “Sensoria”
Charles B – “Lack Of Love”
Ed Farrow – “Hot Love”
Giorgio Morder – “Chase”

Most of these tracks are from records I bought in Halifax when I drove down there to play Gus’s Pub on the weekend. Here are a few snapshots so you can see the sleeves to go with the sounds.

When I was in first-year university at UNBSJ (aka Grade 13) I used to get a drive to school with a neighbour who listened to a lot of old school rap in the car. Kool Moe Dee, LL Cool J, stuff like that. He was also really into Cabaret Voltaire. I liked these guys a lot. Slinky, synthetic, a little bit dancey, a little bit experimental. I was happy to find “Micro Phonies” on vinyl after all these years. Stephen Mallinder has sort of a breathy, speak-singing voice that I find rather sexy. “Do Right” and “Sensoria” are my two favourite jams off this album.

“Hot Love” by Ed Farrow was in a stack of old house 12”s bequeathed to me by DJ Jack Buster. As I promised on the show, here’s a photo of the hand-painted sleeve, done up nice and hot with acrylic and spray paint.

Jack Buster once mentioned that he’d been looking for this record for a while, and if I get a chance to repay his generosity I’m happy to do so! This copy of the Midnight Express soundtrack by Giorgio Moroder cost $1. One. Dollar. Taz Records donates all the proceeds from their dollar bin to the IWK Children’s Hospital, which is pretty cool. But what is Giorgio doing there anyway, hanging out in the bargain bin with Roger Whittaker and Nana Mouskouri? It’s not my job to ask questions. My job is to buy records.

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