Party Sauce Radio – Jan. 11, 2017

Howdy, here’s the latest episode of Party Sauce! You can listen live on 107.3 Local FM in Saint John, NB every Wednesday at 3pm and Sunday at 10pm Atlantic time, and also stream it on

~ Download:

Here’s the tracklist:

Sonic Hz – “Crossing The Void”

Andrea Tilliander – “Caught In A Riot”

Le Couleur – “P.O.P.”

Buzzcocks – “Sittin Round At Home”

Buzzcocks – “You Say You Don’t Love Me”

Magazine – “Because You’re Frightened”

M+M – “Several Styles Of Blonde Girls Dancing”

Guilty – “Prepared”

FWLR – “Never Coming Home”

Devo – “Race Of Doom / Love Without Anger”

Drexciya – “Digital Tsunami”

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  1. bones says:

    great show! great playlist!

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