Inner City

> I got pulled over for running a stop sign. The cop was eating a burger when he came up to my car. He looked at my license and said “You’re the Jaguar?” and I was like “yup” and he said “I’ll let you off with a warning if you take some records out of your crate and replace them with Inner City records” and I said “Bien sur, officer.”

Then he got back in his car and cranked on the lights and siren and tore up Mountain Road with a Wendys bag sitting on the roof of his car. #goodlife

> I’m DJing in Moncton at Laundromat on Saturday, January 9 with a special live performance by DJ Malibu Stacy. Come out and have some big fun!


> Here’s a bonus Inner City edit by saint John’s own Jack Buster:

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