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Party Sauce Radio – May 3, 2017

Holy smokeroo, here’s this week’s episode of Party Sauce Radio! Coming to you live every Wednesday at 3pm Atlantic on 107.3FM Local FM in Saint John and streaming everywhere at http://localfm.ca.

~ Download link: https://partysauce.lol/mp3/PartySauce-2017May3.mp3

Rabies – “Lost Without You”
Elephant Skeletons – “Back In Time”
1995 Zellers – “Remember”
Shrimp Ring – “Livin’ On A Shrimp Ring”
Whaleskin – “Taz”
Paranerd – “Wockx”
It Could Be Franky – “The Arms We Raised”
Sarah Denim – “Finding Out”
Denmother – “Tongue”
Russell Louder – “In The Morning”
Gianna Lauren – “Windows”
Gianna Lauren – “Become What You Can’t Be (Hard Science remix)”
Trixie Lee – “Ready To Play”
Rozalind Macphail – “Leave A Note”