I miss reading Silent Shout.
If  you make electronic music please send me your tracks. Especially if you’re new or just starting out. Especially if you live in Atlantic Canada!

I really like:
– synthpop especially if it’s fun and punky or dark and gothy
– any jams made with hardware and actual synthesizers
– acid house, funky house, hip-house etc…
– Detroit techno, any kind of moody or soulful techno
– liquid drum&bass, ragga jungle, classic rave
– old school 80s electro and funk esp. with lots of 808s and VO CO DERSSSS
– Disco x 1000
– If you’re making electronic music on GarageBand I wanna hear it

Not so into:
– trap, bro-step, autotune, generic bro-ey EDM stuff, ‘filthy’ yet somehow sterile production that sounds like it was pooped out a laptop’s asshole… you get the picture
– I don’t really listen to a whole lot of experimental music, hiphop, abstract, drone music… or r&b-type slow jams. But I dip into those scenes occasionally!

Also, please send VINYL DJ MIXES in any genre.

Email: philip[at]
I live in a shack in the middle of the woods in New Brunswick with no Internet hookup so it could take me a while. You’ll probably get quicker attention with a Facebook message.