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Party Sauce Radio – Feb. 22, 2017

Here’s this week’s episode of Party Sauce Radio! Coming to you live every Wednesday at 3pm Atlantic on 107.3FM Local FM in Saint John and streaming everywhere at

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Cellarghost – “No Dawn”
Loveland – “Aloe Hotel”
DenMother – “Tongue”
Rotting Ebitan – “New Dawn”
Pardon Moi – “Inside The Outside”
Tronik Youth – “Losing My Mind”
The Fall – “Hit The North”
Royal House – “A Better Way”
Aux 88 – “Let It Ride”
The Martian – “Message From Grandmother”
Legowelt – “Silent Service”

Review – Cellarghost “Ritual”


Fredericton based band Cellarghost have just released their follow up to their 2016 album In The Whiteout. This EP, entitled Ritual explores patterns of intimacy, inner conflict, and anxiety using a sort of dark over-exaggeration. The five tracks on this EP take you through the struggles that occur in life and they do it in a melodic and soothing way.

The first track on the EP called “Ritual” opens with a bright guitar sound. The lyrics come in and it completely sets the scene for the rest of the EP. This song strongly deals with inner conflict. The chorus of the song speaks for itself. The song ends in a much darker way than it begins, and really prepares you for what’s to come. The following track “Hotel” deals with intimacy and and anxiety. My favourite part of the song is the repeated lyric “There’s so much more here”. The third track, “No Dawn,” is a beautiful song that deals with issues of intimacy and struggles of life. “Love after love, I sing rituals”.

The first single to be released was Mothic. All the preceding songs were just building up to this one. The eerie opening sounds followed by the dark guitar riff really pull you into the song. This song is very centered around inner conflicts and questioning life itself. The lead guitar on this track is a perfect contrast to the rhythm guitar, the lead playing a brighter progression with the rhythm still playing the dark chords. When you listen to this song you’ll feel something; right near the end a cello comes in and you think to yourself “This is what I’ve been needing”.

The final track, the second single to be released, is entitled “Burial.” After the dark overtones of “Mothic” this song is a perfect follow up. The song opens with just bass and drums before the guitars. This songs deals with the inner conflict of anxiety. The vocals begin softly and build as he feels stronger and more in control of what he is feeling. This track is a perfect close to the EP, finishing off with the contemplation of all of life with the lyrics “I need a tether to keep me here / In orbit / On this strange, strange rock.”

Cellarghost have done the unthinkable with this EP, bringing together intimacy, inner conflict, and anxiety.

Cellarghost shows that are coming up are:

February 28th in Saint John at Taco Pica

March 3rd in Sackville at Thunder & Lightning

March 4th in Fredericton at Read’s


I Don’t Remember Anything About My Life…

Music that gives us another piece of the story with each release.  If you haven’t been introduced to the mystery man known as Pylot I suggest you get acquainted.  Who are they?  Where are they from?  Not even they know.  All we know is that they are on the label MonsterCat from Vancouver, BC.

If you are into Dystopian 80’s movies and their soundtracks you’ll probably love this.  I recommend starting with “EntryOne” and going through each piece of the story here:

The latest release “Shadowtask” goes with Entry Six.  It’s a full EP this time.  Does this mean we are getting closer to the end? To the truth?


Party Sauce Radio – Feb. 15, 2017

Here’s this week’s episode of Party Sauce Radio! Coming to you live every Wednesday at 3pm Atlantic on 107.3FM Local FM in Saint John and streaming everywhere at

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Cellarghost – “Mothic”
Snuky Tate – “He’s The Groove”
Starla – “Bad News”
Loveland – “925-5212”
Lime – “Love Profile”
Adult. – “Lost Love”
Cabaret Voltaire – “Sensoria”
Charles B – “Lack Of Love”
Ed Farrow – “Hot Love”
Giorgio Morder – “Chase”

Most of these tracks are from records I bought in Halifax when I drove down there to play Gus’s Pub on the weekend. Here are a few snapshots so you can see the sleeves to go with the sounds.

When I was in first-year university at UNBSJ (aka Grade 13) I used to get a drive to school with a neighbour who listened to a lot of old school rap in the car. Kool Moe Dee, LL Cool J, stuff like that. He was also really into Cabaret Voltaire. I liked these guys a lot. Slinky, synthetic, a little bit dancey, a little bit experimental. I was happy to find “Micro Phonies” on vinyl after all these years. Stephen Mallinder has sort of a breathy, speak-singing voice that I find rather sexy. “Do Right” and “Sensoria” are my two favourite jams off this album.

“Hot Love” by Ed Farrow was in a stack of old house 12”s bequeathed to me by DJ Jack Buster. As I promised on the show, here’s a photo of the hand-painted sleeve, done up nice and hot with acrylic and spray paint.

Jack Buster once mentioned that he’d been looking for this record for a while, and if I get a chance to repay his generosity I’m happy to do so! This copy of the Midnight Express soundtrack by Giorgio Moroder cost $1. One. Dollar. Taz Records donates all the proceeds from their dollar bin to the IWK Children’s Hospital, which is pretty cool. But what is Giorgio doing there anyway, hanging out in the bargain bin with Roger Whittaker and Nana Mouskouri? It’s not my job to ask questions. My job is to buy records.

Chillysauce – Party Sauce chill night

Recently we held the first Party Sauce chill night in Saint John. Chillysauce. This was our attempt to capture the vibe of the chill room at a ’90s rave. The plan was to keep the volume and the tempo down low enough so people would feel free to talk, mingle, lie back and chill, or even get up and dance if they wanted to. Based on these criteria, I must say the night was a complete success!

Musical performances were provided by Robert T. Wilson, Gold Punks and Jaguar Knight. Awesome photos by Marc “DJ Bones” Leblanc. Video and sound to follow!

Cellarghost – “Mothic”

Snowed in? Going crazy? Here are some fun things you can do to pass the time on a snow day.

1. Write a story about Martian ghost babies. Tell it to yourself in the mirror.

2. Staple boxes of cereal to the wall. Walk around and stuff your face.

3. Draw smiley faces on all your lightbulbs with a Sharpie.

4. Open every can of food in the house and dump it all in the bathtub. Have a nice soak.

5. Listen to this brand new Cellarghost jam really loud while you practice falling down the stairs.

“Surf Music”

Did you ever see a band setting up and you just knew you were instantly going to like them? That’s how I felt about Tough Age when I saw them at the Halifax Pop Explosion a few years ago. This high energy group from Vancouver/Toronto pulled me in instantly. The funnest thing I remember from the show was the bass player Lauren Smith. I was convinced she was the long lost-sister of the Ramones. Head down, dark hair in her face, jumping up and down, banging on her bass.

It didn’t hurt that they were on Mint Records. A label who I owned every release from when I was 14-15. A label who received all the money I had allotted for the whole weekend during a 10 minute shopping spree. Among other things I purchased every Tough Age album they had because if there is one thing I like it is surfy garage punk music.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better they put out this EP about a week ago. It includes a song called Scald that is heavy on the synths thanks to Jay Arner.

Bonus: They always have neat album artwork.

See Also:

The Lonely Parade and why you should listen to them

Do you like good music? Of course you do! Why else would you be reading a story with the head line that is giving you reasons to listen to some one?

Today I bring to you The Lonely Parade hailing from the semi lovely Peterborough Ontario. The have everything I love in music, killer bass lines, fuzzy guitar, solid writing, the ability to make my head bob and talent. Buckets and buckets of talent. Add in a solid bonus of a fun music video with a real heavy 90s feel to it right down to the Indifferent facial expressions, bowling ally, abandon spaces and sped up camera shots.

The two tracks I want to draw your attention to are conveniently located at the first two spots on their latest album “No Shade”. This Album has lived in my cars cd player almost exclusively since first getting it in September when they played Saint john.

The first Track on the album/I want to talk about/has that bitchen music video is “Window”. I could go into great detail about what I like about this track, but I would encourage you to just check out and let that bass get your head bobbing and the video feed your 90s nostalgia fix.


The second is “Bro”. I need say no more about this song other then if you live in a bit of a crappy little city or town like Saint John you will know exactly what this song is putting down.


So Check Them out, buy their album, see their shows and give them your support both on and off line. For those few of you too lazy I will even make it easy and post all the important links where you can discover more about this Killer Trio.


I Only See Darkness

I’ve been spending my night with this album by Austra from Toronto, ON. There are so many musical elements in here that I normally despise, especially the vocals, but for some reason I’m loving it. The first time I listened to it I just skipped through the songs and moved on to something else. Then I found those other things dissatisfying compared and ended up coming back to it. I’ve listened to it on repeat for the last four hours. Maybe my tastes are changing, maybe I needed a positive outlook on the future, or maybe it is just that good.

I can picture a place where everybody feels it too
It might be fiction but I see it ahead

Current Favorite Tracks: Future Politics, Utopia, I Love You More Than You Love Yourself, Freepower, Gaia

Jaguar Knight – “Jaguar Future Party”

Hi, here’s a new Jaguar Knight jam called “Jaguar Future Party.”

And here are the machines I used to make the track.


The beats came off this Yamaha RY-20 drum machine. I did almost nothing to them. A little bit of compression and reverb, and I think some filtering at one point. But otherwise it’s all straight out of this badass beatbox.


Some crazy dudes went and reverse-engineered a Roland TB-303. They found all the same transistors and resistors and whatnot and it just sounds awesome. I used it for the acid line in this track. Those pieces of tape really are holding my x0xb0x together. I took it with me to Malaysia and all the screws fell out.

I would take my x0xbox with me to a desert island. Even if there were no electricity. I would just lie on the sand and stare at it. 😍


Look at this cute l’il guy. It’s the Little Bear, a sweet tube overdrive pedal that I got brand-new off eBay for like $15. I run the x0xb0x through it. It gives a nice creamy distortion on the ‘b0x I find.


I use the KP2 for all my vocoder effects. It’s a little rough and ragged sounding compared to a lot of vocoders and yet the words do come out quite clear and audible. This unit is pretty common but not many people use the vocoder on it because it’s such a huge pain in the ass. You can’t just plug in a MIDI keyboard and play your vocal line, oh no. You have to send MIDI controller change messages to change the pitch. That’s crazy! So if I want to sing a robot B flat, I have to program my sequencer like “Control Change, Channel 11, Controller 12, Value 67” or whatever.

That’s why most Jaguar Knight songs have a one or two note vocoder line. Because who has time for a bunch of MIDI CC nonsense? What is this, the 1950s?


Now this piece of junk. “Ready!!!” Yeah, we know you’re ready… shut up, nobody likes you. This is a Yamaha FB-01 FM sound module. Technically I suppose you could consider it a “synthesizer.” Although the ’80s synth market has gone through the roof lately, these are so unpopular that you can still get one for like $30-50. That’s about what I paid for this noisy hard-to-program FM box. Go ahead, buy one. You’ll never use it. No one uses these. Except me. Why! It has 4 FM operators and I only got it to replace my Yamaha DX-100 because it’s smaller, but it’s way less fun. Anyway nearly all the sounds on “Jaguar Future Party” came out of this box… the chord stabs and that excuse for a bassline and all that stuff. That was all this thing.

The FuccBoi-01 has a really dumb interface where you can create “users” for some reason and if you brush the front panel during a show, you can easily switch “users” and suddenly all your basslines are being played on a distorted glockenspiel. Good times! I can’t seem to get rid of this unit. I use it in a million songs. It’s like having a horrible growth on your body. I hate it, but it’s part of me now.


A Hyper Metal pedal. Yes, I’m afraid so. I would never put one of these anywhere near a guitar. But on a synthesizer it somehow takes on a weird magical new life.

Anyway that’s the secret of the Jaguar Knight sound. The world’s worst synth, played through a running joke of a distortion pedal.

That’s it. That’s how I make my songs.